Norton Utilities: The Best Software To Keep Your System Safe

One of the most widely established names in its niche, Norton Utilities is a powerful PC optimization software that’s jam-packed with amazing features. It’s known for being user-friendly, fast, and discreet. You don’t need to be a computer aficionado to operate this software, as it is targeted at people who want to handle all the optimizations with a single click, with minimal time and effort consumption.

It has competitive pricing with $39.99 annual subscription charges, and you can use Norton on 3 personal devices. Compared to other PC optimization tools on the market, this is definitely one of the budget-friendly options.

Setting up this software is a simple, straightforward process. It involves a run-of-mill point and click procedure where you can run the installation file, and you will be guided through every step. However, if your computer has an old version installed, you will be required to uninstall it before running the new version. You can set your preference by running the software to automatically optimize your device or you can opt for the one-click optimization options.

Once the setup is complete, you will be led to the main window where you will see the system status on the left side and a barometer on the right side. The barometer shows you the health of your device. The left side also gives you the options to access Toolbox, Automatic Care, and Real-time Boost options. The minimalistic and easy-to-navigate UI of the software simplifies accessing these options.

The Toolbox shows you how to clean, speed up, protect your device, and manage recoveries. It is the most widely used feature in this software. You can use it to remove temporary junk files, unused internet files, and broken shortcuts to improve the PC’s performance. You can also set up recovery points for your system if you are modifying it and want to revert to its original condition. It also has a Drive Scrubber option that deletes all the hard drive files quickly.

The Automatic Care category gives you scheduling options so you can set up planned maintenance based on your preferences. Once you tell the software when it’s supposed to run, it will access Toolbox features without requiring any input from you.

The Real-time Boost is helpful in optimizing the performance of your system’s memory, processor, and drive. It uses a combination of a CPU and power optimizer to improve the speed of your processor for the tasks you are executing. This means that if you are using your system for image editing or gaming, the background programs that could be consuming your PC’s resources would be automatically turned off, which in turn will improve the speed of your image editing software or games. It also features a RAM Releaser that frees up the entrapped memory from applications that no longer require it.

The customization capabilities available in Norton Utilities make it a favorite among Windows users. Furthermore, its simplistic yet professional layout makes it easier for novice users to operate it.