ON1 Photo RAW Is A Game-Changing Photo Editor

Photoshop isn’t the only game in town when it comes to photo editing software. ON1 Photo RAW is an alternative that allows you to do everything Photoshop can at a fraction of the cost. 

ON1 Photo RAW’s newest release has all the original features and some new ones like Sky Swap AI, NoNoise AI, a Time-Lapse feature and even more. There is a free trial of this software, after that you will have to choose between a License option and a subscription option that combines all the features, plugins, and adds a Cloud Sync feature as well. The subscription can be paid yearly or monthly.

The other new features for this release include a better, more advanced search feature, a liquify tool, a topographic map option, new cameras and lenses, some additional crop tool presets, a feature called, “smart albums” designed to make organization easier on the user and a ‘snapshots’ feature. As is true with most photo editing software, these are best learned by spending time within the program and watching tutorials so that you get full use of the program. For users that are more comfortable with Adobe, Corel, Apple Photos or another editor, a Plugin Bundle is available.  

The name of this software does not accurately describe all of its abilities. This tool is not limited to RAW photo processing, it is an all-in-one tool that goes far beyond RAW processing. ON1 Photo RAW has a large library of effects, presets, and filters that are sufficient for most users.  

The interface is average, and most users do not have a problem navigating through projects. ON1 Photo RAW also has limited sharing built in to the program, making it a little slower and less efficient for users to share or show off their work. There is also no clear “import” option, but inserting a memory card, connecting a camera, or sliding a flash drive into your computer should allow you to navigate through the File menu to “import from device”.  

ON1 Photo RAW lets you choose your own file naming and add metadata as well as applying presets as desired. There are so many options for editing in this program, including layer editing. Layer editing is not available in all photo editing software. It allows users to adjust certain portions of the photo or add photos on top of the original. ON1 Photo RAW has mobile apps and sync with cloud options that are only available on the subscription plan.  

When looking to export images or projects users can add watermarks, tiling, resizing, and gallery wraps. File types that are supported are JPG, TIFF, PSD, and PNG. Support for this program is available in the form of training videos, webinars, a blog, knowledge base online, user guides, and a standard “contact us” ticket for customer support.